Premium Lawn Care Services:  Munie Lawn Specialist

Dedicated to the art and science of turfgrass management, Munie Lawn Specialist has been the leading professionals in the lawn care services industry in the Greater St. Louis area since 1980. Our certified and degreed employees are capable of bringing your best lawn and turfgrass ever.

From your home, business, commercial property, golf course, or sports turf, Munie Lawn Specialist uses the highest quality practices to bring you an economically and environmentally friendly solutions to all of your turfgrass needs.

Lawn Care Services in St. Louis & the Metro East
Premium Lawn Care Services in St. Louis

Our Lawn Specialist & Lawn Care Services in St. Louis

Munie Lawn Specialist are certified experts when it comes to the construction and management of lawns and turfgrass. We offer a diverse range of lawn care services that will serve every residential and business need. Some of our lawn specialist services include the following:

  • Residential Lawn Care:  Having a beautiful lawn is made easy with Munie Lawn Specialist. With top of the line customer service, we offer custom tailored lawn care, core aeration, disease control, seeding, and tree and shrub services.
  • Commercial Lawn Care: Munie Lawn Specialist understands the need to project a positive image and bring value of qualifying green space. Find out why many of the largest and most well-known companies in the St. Louis area choose Munie Lawn Specialist as their sole professional provider of lawn care services.
  • Golf and Sports Turf Management:  We offer a full range of lawn care services and turfgrass management for golf courses and sports venues in St. Louis, such as fertilizations, weed control, disease and insect control, aeration, seed, mowing, sodding, drainage and water management control, and irrigation services.  We also can create a customized program for you that will fit your budget and help with all of your sports turf needs.
  • Turf Establishment: Creating a newly established turf or lawn is easy with Munie Lawn Specialist. Our services include everything required to establish and maintain new turfgrass ranging from sod installation, Sports field construction  or renovation to irrigation and drainage systems and erosion control.

Why Choose Our Lawn Care Services

St. Louis Lawn Care Services

Munie Lawn Specialist is the trusted lawn consultant of the St. Louis area. Our dedication to turfgrass excellence allows us to excel in these services:

  • We offer free estimates and free consultations with our trained professionals.
  • We can perform unique complicated, and large-scale jobs.
  • We have certified professionals that have degrees in turfgrass management.
  • We make use of advanced specialty equipment for all of our lawn care services.
  • We have a safety culture in place that prioritizes the safety of our customers, employees, and the general public.
  • We are committed to helping the environment and we perform our lawn care services in the most environmentally responsible manner.
  • We are easy to work with and we are highly responsive.

Learn More about Our Lawn Care Services

As a single-source provider for all of your lawn care service needs, Munie Lawn Specialist will ensure that your lawn and landscape are well taken care of.

If you have any questions on our turf maintenance services in the Greater St. Louis area please do not hesitate to call us at 618-632-Lawn (5296).